Hobby Model Trains and Stamps

This is a Hobby site!

For the last 20 years a great passion of mine is collecting stamps and model train sets. So I am always on look out to get something new from these fields, therefore I do buy stamps, Used or Mint and majority of a model train sets or part thereof, unwanted collections, deceased estate or individual items.
Reasonable distance is not an object for me to pay a visit to inspect, advise, or give an estimate value, subject to prior consultation via E-mail or a phone call.
It is understood, that to nearly every collector - holder of a collection, or an individual item, that the goods in the owners hands may be of a sentimental value or a prized possession, so in turn I endeavour to give you a fair advise or an offer.
For persons of the same interests, here is your opportunity to buy, swap, exchange, your unwanted goods, for the items kept in my stock being single, set, or collection of Mint or Used stamps, or new and second hand model Train sets, rolling stock, and accessories.